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What the Mind Perceives and the Truth

Most of us, upon seeing something, instantaneously make a certain type of judgement about what we are seeing.  We observe the face and imagine that we know the story.  Many times, we get caught up in our own perceptions of the world and fail to look beyond that which faces us.  Is it because we are afraid of what we might discover?  Or is it that we sometimes mindlessly go through life, not looking for another view outside of the one we already have?

I have taken many pictures of the same barn, however, if you are not paying attention, it will never dawn on you that you have looked at this barn in a couple different views.  I name my barns, usually, based on the road that I am on when I take a certain picture.   From one viewpoint you see this proud, majestic structure; from another you see the agedness you did not recognize from the first angle.  This depicts how many of us go through life not understanding that one perception is not always the true story. 

To understand any story and to have a valid understanding of any situation, it is important to walk around the barn.  Look at the varying angles, the weathered wood, the animals that call it home.  Look at the rusted roof and the sway of the field that it sets in.  Look at its dusty old rafters and imagine the life that has filled those walls.  Listen to the wind blowing through the rafters and the light whistling sound that it makes. 

Walking around that barn allows for the ability to come to the full truth of most situations.  Perception can be your friend or your foe.  To quickly judge is a disservice to those affected by our perceptions because we truly did not take the time and go around that barn.  To take that journey, one must be willing to spend the time necessary to get the whole picture.