MI Eye on the Thumb Galleries


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This gallery depicts all the other nuances of the thumb area of our great state. From distinct yard art to wind mills; this collection displays the beauty and uniqueness of this quiet, unassuming area of the thumb.

As with any area, we have a host of beautiful wildlife in this quiet area of our state. Often elusive, they provide me hours of enjoyment in trying to capture their beauty.

Barns are the main focus of this unique collection. The thumb area has so many barns; some well cared for, and others that have been long forgotten. There are several in this collection that are no longer with us, except through these photographs. There are others that have survived a century and with loving care, will survive another. These majestic structures, whether they are weather-worn, falling down or standing tall, they are a reminder of the hard work that was put into this land and the memories that are sealed into each and every board of these beautiful relics.

A small but growing collection of the unique bridges that I have encountered throughout my journeys is featured in the collection.

There are beautiful churches in the thumb, and most likely my next great collection, should I ever tire of barns. These grand structures, like the barns, have lasted a lifetime and will most likely endure beyond our years. They are gracious and silent; they are churches of the thumb.

For me, there is nothing better than walking a beautiful country road. During different times of the years they can be a meditative journey, while at other times a feat in walking, but the beauty is always there and the journey always worth it.

Let’s just admit it, some fences are just cool.

This one is a work in progress. I happen to love gazebos in the country.

This too, is a work in progress. I am not usually out too often in the early morning, but when I am, the camera was onboard.

Trees, like people, are unique. No two trees are exactly the same. They are, in my opinion, God’s gift for our eyes. Each season they are depicted differently. In spring, they are fresh and bright; by summer they are in their vibrant youthful years. Their color of their experience shows in their later season. Then, later as the season of death and hibernation descends, their shadows reach towards a new spring. It’s a journey I enjoy every year and pray that I will continue for many more years to come.

Well, I can only say this; we are the Great Lake State, along with rivers, ponds, tributaries and inland lakes. I would be remiss not to have a waterway category.

Snow magically transforms the land in this area. Enjoy the journey.